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  Select Survey – Key Instructions

1. The Survey Times Out after 1 Hour
. This survey tool has a “time-out” setting of one (1) hour, which is activated when you open the survey and resets each time you move to the next “Page”.

2. Saving Your Work. Because of this setting, you must move at least to the next “Page” or finish the survey within 1 hour for your work to be saved. When you move to the next page the clock is reset for 1 additional hour. (When you select “Next” at the bottom of each page or “Done” at the end of the survey, your work to that point is also saved).

3. Coming Back To Your Survey Answers. If you can’t finish the survey in one sitting, you can select “Next” or “Done”, exit the survey, and then you can return at a later time to edit or add to your saved responses. You will need to use the same computer if you return to the survey, since that IP address will be the only way to automatically find your earlier responses. (Make sure that you finish a “Page” or section before leaving the survey if you’re going to be away for over an hour. You can return to your survey by clicking on the original hyperlink sent to you via email).

  General Information